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These files advocate use of Limited Liability Partnership tenure

This tenure can span all forms of occupation, investment and ownership including pure rental; owner occupation; partial ownership; equity release; social housing with or without occupier participation; and residential investment by institutions.

In this way LLP tenure bridges the social divisions that arise through current housing tenures. It gives new flexibility to create, manage, share or withdraw wealth from housing. Participation can commence with pure rental. The tenure is not dependent on obtaining a mortgage.

Home Investment by Partnership in Rent.ppt
Power Point presentation first given to International Union for Land Value Taxation & Free Trade
in Madrid, 29/5/04. It was updated and given to the Waterfront conference 'Rethinking Housing Ownership & Rental' on 7/10/04. It was also given to the The Bromsgrove Group on 14/10/04 and 'Filling the Vacuum' conference of the European Social Forum organised by the Zacchaeus Trust on 15/10/04.
You may find it helpful to print the transcript which accompanies the Power Point presentation.
This is similar material to 'Rent & Own.doc' but in diagrammatic form.
Rent & Own.doc
Argues that Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is preferable to Mortgage finance for purchase,
rent and equity release.
Rent & Own-Wide.doc
Same as above, but in folded A4 leaflet format.
Also includes 'Sample Scheme' from 'Comments on HOUSING Green Paper 72.doc' - See Below.
Spreadsheet used for LLP calculations
Spreadsheet used for mortgage calculations.
RSL in Partnership.doc
How a Housing Association could operate as an LLP

This is a form of mutual ownership based on 'Community Land Trusts'.
It achieves some of the same benefits as Limited Liability Partnership tenure.

Common Grnd - Report.pdf
Co-op CDS and New Economics Foundation proposals for housing mutuals.
Some similarities with LLP. Very detailed research.
The report studies the successes and failures of mutual housing schemes in UK and abroad. Based on this it formulates proposals for UK.
The work has the support of the Housing Corporation.
Common Ground - Homes.pdf
'Colour Glossy promoting 'Common Ground'
A simple guide to Mutual Home Ownership.doc
A short technical description of how 'Common Ground' is designed to work.


Comments on HOUSING Green Paper 72.doc
My comments on LibDem Green paper. It includes aspects of the above as well as elements of a 'homestead allowance' (a sort of citizen's income), and tax reforms based on location / land values.


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