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Nuneaton &
N Warwickshire
Liberal Democrats

This points to a guide to the Nuneaton & N Warwickshire Liberal Democrats.
Here you will find our local councillors, local organisers,
our aims and ideals and an outline of our local activities
together with links to other Liberal Democrat web sites.

NWBC Local Plan

This explains why we and other North Warwickshire Borough Councillors amended the 'Local Plan' for house building in Atherstone.
We did so against the advice of the officers of the Planning Department.
We reduced plans for 'affordable' (i.e. subsidised) houses
because we were unable to expand the town to
balance yet more dense small 'affordable' houses
with spacious 4 & 5 bedroom residences..
We do not accept that N Warks should be the only Warwickshire District
where expansion is denied.

Fair Housing Tenure

This shows how, in retirement, renting leads to poverty but purchase to affluence.
As 'Portfolio Holder for Housing' I am looking for ways for those who
cannot qualify for a mortgage to participate in home ownership.
Mutual, Co-ownership, Limited Liability Partnership, Community Land Trusts, etc.
could offer a way out of this poverty trap.

Action for Land Tax & Economic Reform

Action for Land Tax & Economic Reform (ALTER)
Bill Powell is librarian for ALTER, the Liberal Democrat group
that campaigns for the gradual shift of taxation from
employment, capital and trade and onto resources instead.
LAND (which is associated with nearly every resource)
has a perpetual value which in fairness belongs to everyone.
Here you will find files which show how an annual Land Tax
would end dereliction, conserve natural resources, combat poverty,
and stimulate economic efficiency. It works elsewhere. It could here.

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